Calendar of Events Week of 4-1-2024

April 8, 2024


Happy Monday-


For our friends who are either newly licensed or planning on getting their salesperson licenses, you will not want to miss Bagel’s and Brokerage.

Bagels and Brokerage is an in person event we host for anyone looking join the residential real estate industry.

For Newer Agents & Folks Looking for a Career Change:

Bagels and Brokerage Event:

Whether you’re considering getting your license, exploring career opportunities in real estate, or simply curious about what Real Broker has to offer, our Bagels and Brokerage event is tailor-made for you. Come and discover the possibilities over a delicious spread of bagels and coffee.

Come to our Saturday Coffee and Bagels on April 6th, 2024. This will be for people who want to explore the real estate profession. It’s open to anyone who is looking to get a license, in the process of getting a license or just exploring it. It will be in Walpole Center. We will give you location details after you register.
For any of my friends at REAL, please send your contacts and we will make sure we take good care of them.



Wanted to share some great events with you for the upcoming couple weeks.

You will find some training and in person events that are happening in the real estate space in Boston offered by REAL Broker, LLC

All our events and training are free of charge for anyone we invite.

Featured Classes this Week (virtual)

Great topics:

  • Leveraging Social Media To Build Relationships Mastermind with KC McKeown
  • Mastering the Buyer Presentation

Stay ahead of the curve with these hand-selected classes designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Hand selected classes offered by Real are below and the here is a link to the FULL REAL Broker’s full week training schedule

Details on these hand selected classes offered by REAL Broker are below.

In Person Events


The Haystack Collective, The REAL Cafe and Bagels and Brokerage

The Haystack Collective

  • Topic Most Likely to Be Around Buyer Brokerage
🗓️ Date: Thursday, April 11th  2024
🕒 Time: 4 PM to 6 PM
Location is always around Walpole
If you want to attend…please call/text/email and I will register you and send the location

What’s with the name Haystack Collective? 

Well, a haystack is only strong and remarkable due to the individual and unique pieces of straw that form it. Each of us has the power to create something special just like each piece of straw contributes to the haystack.

So join us for the Haystack Collective Mastermind and let’s be stronger together!


The Real Cafe
You’re invited to join our next Real Cafe meet-up this week! Here are the details:

Date: Friday April 19, 2024
Time: 10:15 AM to Noon
Where: MELT CAFE @ The Natick Mall

This event is open to any producing real estate agent in New England, regardless of broker affiliation.

If you want to attend, just shoot me an email or message me using the contact page at the bottom of this page

This is a place for learning and collaboration. This is not a place for recruiting agents, pitching or selling!

(Reminder: There is NO CHARGE to attend this mastermind.
Just let us know you are coming so that we may plan for handouts etc.
We selfishly want to help as many Realtors become better because it makes deals easier.


Our Last REAL CAFE was a success.

Last week we held our REAL Cafe Meetup at The Natick Mall . We had about 10 agents join us for a casual yet enriching meetup at The Natick Mall’s MELT venue, called The REAL Cafe. The event presented a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow agents, both REAL and non-REAL, and engage in insightful discussions about market trends, successes, and challenges. Date and time are below.

The pictures is of a several Real Broker LLC agents in greater Boston who met for coffee at the REAL Cafe

Recent Meetup of REAL Broker, LLC agents from Greater Boston at The REAL Cafe hosted by MELT in the Natick Mall



Some Featured Upcoming Classes in Real Academy

Leveraging Social Media to Build Relationships

Date & Time
Apr 5, 2024 11:00 AM  in  
Perfect the craft of generating and building meaningful relationships without ever having to cold call, door knock or even ASK for business. In this monthly session, we’ll discuss how you can use your social media presence to increase client sales, agent-to-agent referrals, and agent attraction. Regardless of what social platform you’re looking to become better at – make sure to join this call to perfect your craft of leveraging social media to further your business.

Mastering The Buyer Presentation

Date & Time
Apr 22, 2024 04:00 PM  in  
In this three-part series, we will uncover strategies for mastering the buyer process from the initial conversation and conducting an effective buyer consultation to efficient follow up and lead management. We’ll also cover how to streamline scheduling, prequalify leads, pre-consultation activities, onboarding processes, and utilizing tools like Lofty for automating your workflow. Join us and master your buyer presentation from pre-consultation prep to follow up!
The calendar for the week is full. See below. See the full calendar below



Want to know more about REAL Broker? Happy to do a ZOOm/one:one
Here you can learn more about Real Broker (splits & caps) Here REAL Broker Slide Deck here 
Here is a video on REAL Broker.


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