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News Outlets Love Sensational Headlines

  Dog Days Don’t Have the Dogs Down August 13, 2021 REAL ESTATE NEWS By Michael Mahoney – The Hardest Working Realtor® in Boston August 13, 2021 Sensational Headlines Drive Marketing Dollars for Media Companies You really have to give it to media companies (aka news companies). They are so ...

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WOW Batman…Sales Prices on Single Family Homes Up 16%

WOW Batman…Sales Prices on Single Family Homes Up 16% April 20, 2021 – The number of closed sales of homes continued to rise in March from last month, according to The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR), indicating a busy spring market. For single-family homes in February, there were 2,779 closed ...

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Greater Boston Real Estate Update January 15th Weekly Report by Mike Mahoney

A weekly report by Realtor Mike Mahoney. Curious about the value of your home? Check out www.YourEquityFinder.com ...

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