Selling Your Home in Winter 2023

December 6, 2022


Three Questions Sellers are Asking About Their Home This Winter

As we start to gather for the holidays, I have noticed many people starting to ask questions about the real estate market.

There’s no denying there’s a lot going on in the housing market this season. This may leave you with some questions about whether it still makes sense to sell your house.

Here are three of the top questions I have been be hearing around the holiday parties and socials I have been to.

I hope the data and answers to the questions give you some clarity.

Is it Still A Seller’s Market

Inventory across the US is still in seller’s market territory not even close to being neutral.

Are There Still Buyers Out There

Just like Paul Revere said….

The Millennials are coming…
The Millennials are coming…

“At about 80 million strong, millennials currently make up the largest share of
homebuyers (43%) in the U.S., according to a recent National Association of
Realtors (NAR) report. Simply due to their numbers and eagerness to become homeowners, this cohort is quite literally shaping the next frontier of the homebuying process.

Can I Afford To Buy My Next Home?

Another question people ask is around affordability
I am not sure about affording my next home since interest rates are up…

If current market conditions have you worried about how you will afford your next move, You should do a market analysis on your property because most people may have way more equity in their current homes than they realize.

Homeowners have gained significant equity over the past few years, and that equity can be a game changer when it comes time to sell and make a move.

Homeowners, across the nation as a whole have historically high levels of home equity tied up and untapped. For some of those equity-rich homeowners, that means moving and taking on a higher mortgage rate isn’t a huge deal—especially if they are moving to a more affordable city.”

Even if you are not planning to sell, you should consider buying an investment property with the equity that is locked up in your home now. An investment property could pave the way to a vacation home, a sound retirement or paying for the higher education of a loved one.

If you want to download the report which shows all the statistical data for making better decisions about selling a home in this winter go to, you can download the Winter 2023 Selling Guide Here

Michael Mahoney - Winter Selling Guide 2023
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A Guide to Selling Your Home in Winter 2023