Liam – The Fist Pump Kid

January 8, 2021

Liam the fist pump kid at TD Garden Boston

The Good News Update:
No Anarchists, No Covid, No Politics, No Religion, Just Heartstrings

I got tired of CNN and looking at our country going under siege, so I decided to look for a good news story to trick out my brain to go to the positive channel.

I found the story of Liam “The Fist Pump Kid”.   Liam is a youngster from the Boston area who loves the Boston Bruins. Liam was born with Downs Syndrome and then at the age of 3 was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Liam has undergone years of chemo treatment for pediatric cancer.

I will warn you that this video will rip @ your heart but worth watching.

Liam gets to sit on the bench and visit with the players and coaches after games.
If you need to see something besides anarchy…this is a good one.

Since I have a hockey player, I am certainly biased but boy do I love watching the “tough” hockey players interact with the “Liam – fist pump kid”.

Video Courtesy of Youtube Channel Weekend at Bergys