Realtor Michael Mahoney on  Selling Your Greater Boston Property

Some have called my marketing ubiquitous. Others have called it powerful. I like to call it effective. I believe in being consistent and recognizable in our markets, and allowing the Century 21 brand and my personal brand to work for you. I’ll bring your home maximum exposure locally, regionally, and nationally. I will help you achieve your highest and best sale. Put simply, I offer consistent, highly effective campaigns, tailored specifically to your property.


On our Seller Client Portal, you will have access to sample videos, marketing plans, guides to selling your home and information about specific marketing concepts that are utilized by Realtor Michael Mahoney and his real estate team to sell and market residential real estate here in the Greater Boston area. If you would like to see the seller portal, just drop us a line.

Get to know Realtor Michael Mahoney

I would like to make sure that you read the “About Me” page so you can get sense of who am I am and what I represent before we meet.

You may also want to download the brochure about my real estate practice.
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Michael Mahoney Practice Highlights

Here is a little story about a recent sale and some obstacles I encountered while selling it for them. I call it “We did not come this far to come this far

Here is another  great story about a client who would have lost a ton of money.  The story is called “Selling Your House? Would You Prefer $225,000 or $375,000?

Testimonials for Realtor Michael Mahoney

Below is a recent note from a client.  If you would like to read more testimonials, you can see the link below for access to more client references.

You can also access more client testimonials for Michael Mahoney here

Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Recommendation
Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Recommendation

Michael Mahoney’s 21 Point Marketing Success Plan

As you will see from our 21 point marketing plan below, we have all the bases covered.  When it comes to exposing a home to the most amount people in the market place using today’s marketing platforms and systems, we are quite adept at making sure our system delivers the most buyers for your property.


If you would like to see our complete marketing plan, it all starts here by getting the value of your house

Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Sample Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Steps 1 to 3

Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Sample Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Steps 4 to 9


Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Sample Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Steps 10 to 15
Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor with Century 21 American Properties Sample Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Steps 16 to 21

Syndication Partners

Century 21 and I have partnered with some of the biggest portals in real estate to ensure that your home gets maximum exposure.

My affiliations create a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market, providing exposure for properties in the market to the largest sources of buyers in the real estate marketplace.

Michael Mahoney Realtor with Century 21 American Properties in Boston Syndication Partners
Syndication Partners

Sample Marketing Agreement from The Michael Mahoney Realtor Team

During the hiring process we receive a lot of questions about the marketing agreement.  The marketing agreement is sometimes referred to as a listing agreement.

We have made a sample of marketing agreement available here or click on the image below.

Sample Listing Agreement from Century 21 Boston Realtor Michael Mahoney
Sample Marketing Agreement


Cancellation Guarantee  & Cancellation Certificate

We’re so confident that our real estate marketing system will work for you, that we guarantee you the right to cancel your listing agreement with us. You may cancel at any time prior to accepting an offer to purchase on your home. There are no penalties or obligations. If you feel that our service does not live up to our promise, you can cancel at anytime. All we ask is that you pay a small termination fee to cover our administrative costs.  You can download the cancellation agreement here or click the image below.

Some of the Marketing Plan Concepts Covered Below

Your Own Personal Property Web Site

We create mobile responsive web sites which are designed to engage today’s home buyer.  The buyer of today wants to conduct all of their research before they make a call to a sales person.  Home buyer’s will drive a neighborhood and scout out houses before they will call a Realtor® to go see a property.   In order to help buyer’s gather their buying information, we build web sites that allow the consumer to conduct all of their research.

At the property, we post a sign that is specific to the property and customized for each home. The typical Realtor® has their face plastered all over the property as if it were a trade show for themselves and not your property.   You know the drill, you drive up to the house an old Marge has her smiley 1980’s Aquanet Special Portrait on the Sign. Is it it about your house, or is about Marge – smiling and dialing?

Yard Signs

At Realtor Mike Mahoney Group, we do things a lot differently. You can see what we are talking about by checking out our sign below.  You will see that our sales process is more about you, then it is about us by simply looking at our signs below.

Century 21 Boston Realtor For Sale Sign

Why is Your Own Web Site Important?

The web sites we create for each property are a cornerstone in our marketing. By driving traffic to our property branded URLs, we are able to capture and control buyer opportunities directly.

In conjunction with the property specific web sites, we target the web visitors to corresponding town web sites related to your property. By exposing people who visit your property web site to the This is the critical part of the system. By enforcing a registration, we now have someone we can communicate with about your property.


Sample Property Marketing Brochures

Here are a couple of brochures where you can see how we lean into town specific web sites as well as the property web sites. When you preview the brochures, you will want to explore the many different ways we can capture a lead off of this one marketing piece.
You can download a 12 Pine Cone Lane North Attleboro MA Flyer

                 brochure3  brochure2



Sample Postcards Used by The Michael Mahoney Realtor Team

Postcards are used as part of our marketing mix.  The audience of the postcard campaign will be varied depending on the target audience we are marketing for. Below you will find a couple of samples of some recent post cards. Many agents send postcards to the neighborhood. In our opinion, it’s okay to send postcards to neighbors, but I would caution you to the agent’s ulterior motives. It’s our opinion that these postcards are essentially for marketing themselves.

Often times, we target our postcards to agents in the specific marketplace where your property is located. Since an agent can represent multiple clients, we use a directed mailing to them as a force multiplier. This simply means that instead of getting a one to one return by sending to a neighbor, chances are that one Realtor may have multiple clients for a property, therefore we getting a higher return on our postcards than the typical agent who is primarily sending postcards to boost their own exposure rather than your home.

This raises a good point for you to be aware of while interviewing agents for selling your property. Observe them carefully. Is the messaging about them. Are their “faces” more prominent than the properties they represent?


Realtor Michael Mahoney Century 21 American Properties Boston
Sample Postcard Front
Sample Postcards Used by Realtor Michael Mahoney of Century 21 American Properties
Sample Postcard Back

Brochure Box at the Point of Sale as Part of the Signage Curbside

At each property we do a brochure box as well. In the brochure box, we make available a property brochure. On the brochure, we never put the price. We have a line item in the display copy that reads “for the latest pricing send a text to….”  By asking them to text for the latest price, we are notified with the telephone number and which property they inquired about.  Would you agree that this better than simply putting the price on it?

The brochures also has the web site domain for your property on it. We get many scheduled appointments converted from people who drive to the property and either text us from the brochure box or via the online scheduling component of the web site.



Text Messaging System to Capture Leads

At the property, we have the sign with the brochure box and these have the lead capture directive on these.

Try it for yourself. Send a text ti 617-329-5608 with the word “cone” as the message.

See below:

Sample Texting Platform Used by Realtor Michael Mahoney of Century 21

Sample Signage

At properties where we are placing signs as part of the marketing process, we create a unique sign for each property.
As you will see below, our signage is all about your property and less about us.

Sample Facebook Lead Capture

Facebook and other social media platforms have become interwoven into the fabric of our society. When we are preparing a property for the market, we often put up Facebook targeted ad placements which direct the visitors to a lead capture page with some sort of form to have the clients fill out so that we can gain showing opportunities even before the property goes on the market. There are couple of recent Facebook ad images below which were used to land showings for a property in Norfolk, MA.






Direct Emails to Agents in the Marketplace

Many agents will tell you that they will be sending email marketing messages on a continuum to agents in the marketplace. While this is true, I can assure you that 98% of the messages that are sent have zero effectiveness. I have included a sample message that I received about a 1.5mm dollar house. This is a typical email message that I receive to “market” a house to me. I make available a copy of the emailed received not to make fun of any agents in the marketplace, but rather to illustrate the difference between those who say they do something and those who do something to an extreme.  You will notice that there is no sizzle. There is no call to action. There are no hyperlinks to the property nor a virtual tour or video of the property.












A Better Way to Send Direct Email Marketing Messages

Here is a sample of an email that I sent today about some land I am selling. I am trying to target engineers, developers and senior community housing companies for it. I send videos with live “video” in the message. These videos show me who, when and how many times the messages are play.  See a sample below:

Video E-mail from Mike Mahoney - A Realtor with Century 21 in Boston

We can see exactly who is seeing our video emails. This allows us to target people deeper for the properties we sell.