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TGIM: 18 MAY 2020

TGIM: 18 MAY 2020
Thank Goodness It’s Monday

Michael Mahoney, a manager with Century 21 American Properties produces “The Thank Goodness it’s Monday” e-mail every Monday. It is a newsletter focusing on events, tools and strategies for our Century 21 agents.

Century 21's Brilliant Basics

Hope you are off to a great start of the week.

I was watching the 2020 National Commencement Program on Saturday Evening and there was quote that stood out for me and I thought I would share it with you.

Show me road with no obstacles and it will likely lead to nowhere!

This business is not for the faint at heart. The rewards are going to come with the ups and downs. If you want to reap the rewards, make a plan this week.  If you need help with a business plan for the week, please reach out to me.

Our Century 21 Agents Are Busy

A few our agents were busy last week and over the weekend.

Mary Jane Lightbody did an open house with Alvin Mullin at 198 Kendall Street in Walpole. I went by and checked it out. It was super busy.  If you have anyone who runs a business from their home, that is the place to be. It’s really one of kind.

Mary Jane put 418 Washington Street in Walpole under agreement this weekend.

Katy Landolfi put 274 Pleasant Street in Norwood under agreement.

I spoke with Ed Keefe and he was writing an offer on something down near New Seabury

Suzana Vajentic closed on 4 Benjamin Landing in Franklin

Your Goal for the Week Should be Focused on Contacts and Appointments

If you are looking to achieve success this week, I would make a goal. The easiest and most powerful thing you can do this week is to make contacts. I would sit down and take out a Post-it note right now and write down how many contacts you desire to make this week.  I would keep in mind that it takes 3 appointments to generate a closing. It can 30 contacts to get an appointment.

Did you write down a goal on a Post-it note? Good! Now pull out your calendar. You need to block off time to make contact people.  You need to protect this time. If you don’t the time sucking vampires will come and bite you with their “got a minutes” and then digress into all their tales of whoa which which is ultimately stealing from  you.

I am firm believer that education and classes are important to being successful in real estate. I would layer into your calendar a class or workshop.  The Century 21 online classes are great. You get to “meet” people from other area and have a new “buddy”.

You Need to Get Visible In Your World

I have always preached the VCP formula. It stands for Visibility equals Credibility equals Profitability. There is a difference between being online and being present online. If you want people to think about you, you need to be visible to them. Think of the “Tomato Principle”. Tomato means top of mind awareness through others. When someone thinks real estate, do they think about you? If not, then your VCP is low.  You can enhance VCP by increasing your presence online.  Share, like and comment on people’s posts. Then they know will know you are alive.  Add posts to your social media posts.

Here is the post that I am putting up today to show that the market is not DEAD. I learned about this post from the Social Medial Class I took last week which was referenced in my 5 Bullet Friday email last week

Realtor Michael Mahoney of Century 21 reviews the last 7 days of residential realty in Boston. This includes single families, condos and multi-family homes.

Greater Boston Real Estate Stats for the last 7 days

Century 21 Training Schedule for the Week

The training schedule for the week is below.

You can download the PDF with the sign up links here.


Upcoming Century 21 University Workshops

If you have not taken X-Cellerate, I would strongly encourage that class. In addition to that class, here are some great workshops which have availability to enroll in on Century 21 University.  I just enrolled in Follow Up Systems that WORK


Century 21 University Courses

Century 21 University

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