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TGIM: 11 MAY 2020

Thank Goodness It’s Monday – May 11, 2020

I am so glad to be getting back to work for this week.  I hope all the moms had a great weekend.  I am around all week.

Here is what is happening around Century 21

Welcome Colleen Sheahan to the office!

Thinking about “an office Zoom meeting…how about it? Do you think it’s time?

HouseKeeping for the Office

Errors and Omissions Insurance Payments…some of our agents pay monthly and others pay lump sum.   For those who pay in lump sum, it’s due on June 1st.  Some of agents are invoiced monthly via Paypal. A few agents missed paying the last invoice via Paypal. Double check if that is you.  For those of you who pay lump sum, we can take it out of an upcoming deal.

MLS Dues – When I log in as the administrator for MLSPIN it shows a few people who have not paid their MLS dues. If the delinquency gets to the point where the MLSPIN ask the office to pay, I will simply ask them to remove you from the office.  You may want to log onto MLS and see if you are one of the non payees.

Management Help

If you need help with anything, please schedule time. Usually if I am sitting at my desk, it’s for a reason and wasn’t waiting for your “gotta minute”.  I am happy to help you with anything, but I like it to be scheduled. The best way to always reach me is via email. I do turn my cell phone when I am time blocking for other things or attending a meeting, meeting with a client, or just recharging my personal battery.  Email is the best way to communicate with me since even if my phone not accepting calls, I do check email.

Speaking of time blocking, it’s my belief that salespeople should be doing 2 hours of lead generation per day.  If you want to have a healthy sales business you need to find a way to be working on business development everyday.

Septic System Videos

Alvin mentioned that there was a good website and video series on how septic systems work. This may be a good educational resource for the uneducated buyer. Just thought I would pass along.

GBAR: Post Covid 19 Business Operations

The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® is pleased to invite you to attend the next installment of GBAR Live: COVID-19 Industry News & Issues Update Webinars on Tuesday, May 12, from 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

This session will examine key factors to consider when re-opening brokerage offices and considerations to address as sales associates and staff re-enter the workplace. You also will receive an update from MLS PIN on posting of virtual open houses, recent system enhancements, and how customer service and training is occurring via remote operations.  Sign up is here


Century 21 – X-Cellerate

I may have mentioned I am enrolled in X-Cellerate with Century 21. It’s a back to basics course for real estate agents. Some would call it “newbie” class.  The class meets online 3x’s per week for about 1.5 hours. The homework gets your “house in order”.

One of the best things about the class is he ReScoreboard.com – It’s the accountability piece of the 4 weeks. We as a class members have to log the amount of contacts we each make and it’s visible as a class so that you can see where you stand. It’s keeps you on track and gets the competitive juices flowing. I am currently in the 18th position, but will be working my way up today to at least get into the top 10.

This course will run for the balance for May for me. I am plugging into all that Century 21 has to offer.  I am taking advantage of all Century 21 is making available.  I am signing up for a Social Media Content class later in the week.  You can access this @ C21Online under University

I am recommending everyone take X-Cellerate as soon as you can so that you can kickstart your business for the recovery.  Funny part is the corollary between the newbs class and the masterful Ninja Selling techniques.   In the video at the bottom of the entry, there is a mention of making contacts as well.  There must be something to that…

Click image to see larger view of my ReScoreboard


Here is a class you can take on this Thursday on Social Media

There are 3 upcoming sessions.


Click image to see class times and dates


Century 21 Classes for the Week

Here are the classes and trainings for the week.  I will attach the PDF file to this email below which will have the links to register for these classes. It’s advisable to at least see the agent huddle with Tom Ferry  on Tuesday. On Friday, I have the “Mind over Market” session beneficial as well.

May 11th Week in Learning For Agents Sign UP Links


Click the image to download the Century 21 class calendar with registration links

Ninja Selling

Some of you may be aware that I like a system of selling called Ninja Selling.  I find it very telling that Ninja Selling is saying the same thing that they are preaching in X-Cellerate – “50 Contacts for the Week”.  Must be why successful real estate people are successful. If anyone wants to listen to my 3 day Ninja Selling course that I have, let me know.




Have a GREAT WEEK! Mike


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  1. May 12, 2020 at 9:56 am, Alvin said:

    Thinking about “an office Zoom meeting…how about it? Do you think it’s time?

    Yes I think so.



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