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Michael Mahoney, a manager with Century 21 American Properties produces the 5 Bullet Friday e-mail every Friday which is a  newsletter focusing on tools and strategies for our Century 21 agents who list and sell properties in Boston. In addition to the 5 Bullet Friday, Mike produces a weekly e-mail on Monday called “TGIM: Thank Goodness It’s Monday


If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, we are always “Looking for Good People

Happy Memorial Day

“There is a taste of freedom the protected will never know”

“So my contention is that money does not bring you happiness, doesn’t bring you success, but it is a by-product of being successful.   If you are doing your job, performing your services, you become more marketable.” Tubby Smith – American College Basketball Coach

American Basketball Coach Tubby Smith
Coach Tubby Smith

Business is going on…What are you doing about it?

Agents are doing business.

Mary Jane Lightbody put 198 Kendall Street under agreement this week.

Ed Keefe put 165 Whippoorwill Circle under agreement.


Bullet #1 State of Massachusetts Re-Opening for Business

I am part of 25 member business group locally called The Business Alliance Network Group.  On Wednesday,  one of our great members  Cindy Cushman from HR2Fit (human resources) gave a presentation on the state reopening guidelines. She pointed me to the Mass.gov site for some materials.

What’s Ahead…

As the state re-opens through the four phase process in the coming weeks, it is important that as you are well informed and working in a manner safe for you, as well as your real estate clients.

I have included several informational pieces for your review.

Some of these links and signs may be helpful for communicating expectations in your everyday business interactions as Century 21 agents.

You are encouraged to continue to operate your business from home if that is more suited to your comfort level. We are navigating this “new normal” together!

If you do come in to the office, you will notice new signage posted, as well as some cleaning supplies and protective gear provided. Please be considerate to fellow office staff, it is appreciated!  You should be wearing your masks if you do come in.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

As independent agents (business owners), I would say that your open houses could be considered your “place of business”. You should post signage and adhere to state regulations.

The National Association of Realtors has produced “Coronavirus: A Guide for REALTORS®” I would review these guidelines.

Below is an example of our Covid-19 Door Notice.

Covid 19 Notice in Century 21 Colors
Covid 19 Notice

Download the PDF version of the Covid 19 Door Notice below

Covid 19 Door Notice Century 21 Colors

You should adhere to the regulations and checklists provided by the State of Massachusetts Re-Opening Website.

Upcoming Webinar on Open Houses and Covid Marketing Ideas

Alvin and Mary Jane have done an excellent job with marketing properties and managing open houses together over the last month or so. They are doing “contact-less” sign ins…

Alvin Mullin has agreed to lead a ZOOM webinar on the following topics:

  • Sign in procedures (contactless)
  • Marketing Techniques (floorplans, video walk throughs,  Matterport style tours)
  • Signage @ entry ways…
  • Flyers – How these are being handled
  • Sanitation
  • Methods of follow up etc…
  • What is the consumer behavior at open houses


Alvin will be providing us with a time and date for next week.

Massachusetts Rules to Keep You Safe at Work

Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office

Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office

Bullet #2 Tool of the Week is the Century 21 Unique Property Web Site

If you want to stand out from your competition, you should really be pushing the Unique Property Website and Domain. Century 21 agents can use this unique tool feature to showcase homes for their clients.

See the video on Century 21’s Unique Property Web Sites Below

Bullet #3 The 4 Biggest Fears Homebuyers Have

Here are the 4 Biggest Fears a Homebuyer Has
All buyers have the same fears. The question from me to you is what are you doing to help mitigate these fears and be their advisor of choice.

The third one is usually the one that scares a buyer the most.  Buyers fear paying too much for the property they are purchasing.

When working with buyers you need to address the paying “too much fear” upfront.  You have to have a discussion about the market, the speed of the market, multiple offers, list price to sales price ratios etc. up front during the buyer interview. If you are meeting clients @ properties off of calls without sitting down and discussing these items, when the “rubber meets the road” at the time of making an offer you will get a lot of objections simply due to the fact that the buyer is uneducated.

As an agent, you need to be ready with quality CMAs (market analysis) to present the market value (showing is better than telling). Usually after seeing the market stats and seeing a high quality CMA, a buyer can make a better informed decision. You should take a look @ Century 21’s Toolkit CMA

If you are relying on the “Zestimate” to educate your buyer, may god bless you as a Realtor.   The Zestimate from Zillow is almost always wrong and they disclaim it on their web site.

Zillow only gets within 5% of the accurate sales price 50% of the time.  Don’t believe me, read their analysis.

Also “paying too much” and “staying within a budget” are two different things.   What you end up paying is a function of the market. Staying within budget is function of your own personal choices.

Zillow only comes within 5% of Sales Price 50% of the time


Bullet #4 Be More Visible

Ed Keefe, an agent here with Century 21 started doing a newsletter about 5 to 6 months ago.

He started adding his sphere of influence to his Business Builder. He got real intentional about adding people to his database.  He told me it made a huge difference. He was simply adding people he knew to his monthly newsletter.    He said now people actually come and talk to him about real estate.  Ed has activated their awareness of him.

If you are not using Business Builder, you should be. A real estate agent without contacts is like a grocery store without groceries. Imagine Stop and Shop with no “grocery system”.  Remember, it takes 30 contacts to get an appointments, and 3 appointments to a closing.

How are you planning to track these people if you don’t use Business Builder?

Business Builder CRM for Century 21

Century 21 Business Builder – Adding People to Your Newsletter

What is Business Builder? 

Keep your name top-of-mind with prospects and clients. CENTURY 21 Business Builder® is a customer relationship manager (CRM) and marketing engine designed specifically for real estate sales professionals.

This comprehensive system enables you to design, create, and manage marketing campaigns, actively engage your contacts and clients, and cultivate relationships from the initial lead to a successful home sale. The tool is integrated with LeadRouterSM, dash, and 21Online.com, thereby creating a seamless, easy-to-use experience.

Here is your class on Business Builder

Bullet #5 You need to Be Relaxed

Sometimes just unplugging can make you a better real estate agent. Take time off. Maybe walk in a park send a tweet or Facebook message. Be visible on a personal level on your social media


Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend!


P.S. We are always “Looking for Good People” – who do you know?

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