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5 Bullet Friday: 15 MAY 2020

5 Bullet Friday: 15 MAY 2020

Michael Mahoney, a manager with Century 21 American Properties in Walpole produces the 5 Bullet Friday e-mail every Friday which is a newsletter focusing on tools and strategies for our Century 21 agents.


Had a call with PJ Louis.   PJ is the Vice President of Growth & Development for the Eastern USA with Century 21. He has been speaking with Century 21 offices all over his region.  In the areas that have hit the phases where businesses have reopened, real estate took off.  Most of the owners/managers have said that when the bars/restaurants opened back up, real estate really got cooking and the “Spring market” started.

Homes are still moving. It’s all about inventory. Theresa wrote an offer on a property earlier this week. It was a good offer on a home in Walpole. The home ended up receiving 10 offers. The game seems to be about inventory right now. If you have it, it sells.

Let me know if you find the “Free Dinner” here today.



Here are some Century 21 Workshops for Today

Noon – MIND OVER MARKET with Greg Harrelson and  Bryon Ellington  Click Here to Attend

11:00 a.m. – Strengthening Your Ties  in the Community During  the Virus Register  Here

1:00 p.m. – Virtual Listing  Appointment Register Here


I am only doing 3 bullets this week…Too much in this version for all of you to digest.


Bullet #1 What Get’s Measured is What Gets Done

If you are not talking to for sale by owners, past clients, expired listings, your sphere of influence  or vendors now is the time. You need contacts to make deals. I am taking X-Cellerate, I attended the Rule the Recovery, and took a Social Media Class (all offered by Century 21).

All classes had the same thread running through them, contacts make appointments and appointments make transactions.

The formula for success is as follows: 3 appointments will create a closing.  The 3 appointments are the hard part. You need 3 appointments. The national average to an appointment is 30 contacts. Therefore if you want a closing, you need 90 contacts.

If you want 10 closings,  you need to be in contact with 900 people. The trick now is to develop the system to generate 900 contacts.

How do I know this? I took the business planning course and ran the Century 21 Goal Projector.

Century 21 has the tools for this. All you need to do as an agent is on the courses section of Century 21 University

You can see all the classes that Century 21 offers here in the course catalog below




An example of a virtual opportunity would be the “21 Day Real Estate Workout” and “The Rule the Recovery Workshop”

21 Day Real Estate Workout by Century 21

We’ve seen markets shift before…

…and we’ve learned this: Your number one priority at this pivotal time is to get ahead of the curve through lead generation. Join the 21 Day Real Estate Workout to connect with your sphere, be highly visible on social, and position yourself as a resource. Century 21 wants to make this easy for you:

  • Reference the ready-made daily content boosts such as scripts or social media posts to send to your network.
  • Each day, make calls aimed at connecting with your community and securing future business. The amount of time spent is up to YOU– base it on the goal projector and/or sleep number.
  • Keep track of your progress by recording your contacts and appointments in the workout REScoreboard cohort.


1st you need a business plan. If you need help with making a business plan, please schedule time with me. Then once you get a business plan you need to measure the activities you are doing to fulfil the goals of the plan. Think of this like Weight Watchers for Realtors.

The way we measure our activities in real estate sales at Century 21 is with a tool called ReScoreboard.   With Rescoreboard, we can track what we are supposed to be working on to see what our progress is.

I would like to run a “cohort” of ReScoreboard for our office. If you elect to participate, build a group in Rescoreboard. The group will be able to see where they rank relative to other members in this group.   Each item you record in ReScoreboard has points assigned to it. When you record an activity it will put you on the “scoreboard”

Below are what the scoreboard looks like and the screen where you record activities.


Winner…Winner…Literally Chicken Dinner

If you want to participate in the “Recovery Challenge” send me an email you want in, and I will add you to the “cohort”.  You will then track what you do for real estate sales activity. The “cohort” will start on Tuesday next week. The contest will start today…It will end @ midnight on the 28th.  The winner will receive their favorite takeout food delivery for 4 people delivered to their home on Friday the 29th.  If you want in, email me.  If you want in…send me an email…


Bullet #2 Tongue Tied? Not Sure What to Say to a Customer?

Century 21 has provide some great scripts to use during the pandemic.

You can access this Script Library from Century 21 Here

Bullet #3 Social Media is Key to Positioning: You can Replace Fear with Facts

Social Media is not going away. People are on more than ever now. I took an excellent class on Thursday with Bryan Pitt on social media with Century 21 University.

The replay of the class is available

Here is the Social Media Class Worksheet

The guest panelist Jerry Cibulski was amazing.


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