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Buyers Need to Be Ready for Tight Inventory This Spring

Buyers Need to Be Ready for Tight Inventory This Spring

Michael Mahoney Boston Realtor on a Home Breaking Your HeartWith the Spring market coming, you need to make sure you have your ducks in order and be prepared to have your heart broken in the housing market as inventory is extremely low.

I would say that one the first things a buyer’s agent in Boston needs to do with a client is set expectations.  We need to offer clients a realistic outlook on today’s marketplace, and explain what it will mean for them.

With the inventory as slim as it is, a buyer’s agent needs to prepare clients for facing limited inventories.  In short, you may not get everything on your wish list.   There is high competition for many properties and you need to be ready to act fast and possibly face bidding wars for properties currently on the market.  Also with lower inventory comes rising prices.  You need to get your finances in order before you shop and understand that mortgage rates are expected to keep rising, which could add to your borrowing costs if you delay buying. As rates rise, your borrowing power is diminished.

From a recent Realtor® Magazine article on the current state of the market in the United States, Here is what Rob Mehta a Realtor in Minnesota had to say:

“Preparing buyers for the reality of a seller’s market is important,” Mehta says. “Some buyers may have to face the heartache of losing at least one house and having to go through that one loss before heading into the second offer more prepared and pickier about what contingencies they include in order to submit a cleaner offer to the seller.”

Be ready to act fast. Forty-three percent of the existing homes sold in January were on the market for less than a month, according to the NAR. Buyers who have a preapproval letter and who attach limited contingencies to their offer may have the best chances of getting their offers accepted. Preapproval—a step beyond getting “prequalified”—is an analysis from a lender of the buyer’s credit and assets that indicates how much financing the buyer has been approved for. A preapproval letter can be submitted with offers to add some assurance to sellers that there won’t be any hold-ups in financing. Also, a preapproval reminds buyers what they can afford to pay. In bidding wars, buyers can get caught up in the emotional process of the back-and-forth within negotiations, but there’s a lot of risk to that. “We need to share with our buyers that they could overpay and get caught up in the emotional aspects of the process,” Mehta says. “Our fiduciary responsibility is to provide the positives and negatives of a property and to advise clients accordingly in a transaction. We need to be upfront with our valuations and help them make smart decisions, and we watch the contracts carefully so that our buyers are protected.”

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  1. March 23, 2018 at 9:37 pm, Dorothy Manning said:

    Great post, Michael. And we all love and adore you.



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