5 Bullet Friday – 29 MAY 2020

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Michael Mahoney, a manager with Century 21 American Properties produces the 5 Bullet Friday e-mail every Friday which is a  newsletter focusing on tools and strategies for our Century 21 agents who list and sell properties in Boston. In addition to the 5 Bullet Friday, Mike produces a weekly e-mail on Monday called “TGIM: Thank Goodness It’s Monday” If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, we are always “Looking for Good People

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Life Says “Make Good or Make Room But  Don’t Make Excuses”

In today’s management parlance, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”  When you are actively working toward a goal, there are no failures, there are only degrees of success.

Choose to be a leader. Take the initiative. When you are faced with a problem or a difficult decision, don’t waste endless hours agonizing over the solution. If you analyze the situation objectively, you will always find the answer.  Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution.  Then get into action. As A.W. Clement Stone has often said, “The emotions are not always the subject to reason, but they are always subject to action”

Napoleon Hill

I cannot remember anytime in my career as a real estate agent in Boston when sellers and buyers have needed more leadership than ever.

These are uncertain times for many folks. Now is the time to know your market, know the values, know the neighborhoods, know how to negotiate and know how to lead your client from the place where they are to the place they want to be.

Century 21 has done amazing job over the last two months of making materials and training available to all Century 21 agents across the system. Have you honed your skills? Have you studied and boned up on systems and processes to improved your sales skills and customer delivery systems?

Plug in…we cannot do the work for you.  It’s all on you.   You need to decide whether you are going to be a leader. Being a real estate salesperson is about being a leader. It’s about stepping up. It’s about knowing the product and leading people through what can be a very difficult situation or one filled with a ton of emotion for them.  If you don’t lead, they won’t follow.

As I have been stating for weeks now, I have been taking X-Cellerate. I made a commitment to show up for all the classes. Tomorrow is my last one. 12 classes for 1.5 hours over 4 weeks is a lot of class time.

It’s definitely helped me stay plugged in and working while Covid 19 has a lot of real estate agents in Boston on the couch watching Netflix and really get a lot of their Hulu too.


Bullet #1 What’s Happening  @ Century 21?

Business is going on…the market has been crazy the last 7-10 days in Greater Boston.

There were 481 properties listed and 574 put pending.
If you are not one of the 481 or 574 why not?

The pendings are outstripping actives. In the “recession” these numbers were inverse. You need to study the market.  If you don’t know how to analyze the market, please review my market report class so you can best understand what’s happening with values

Don’t believe me…look @ my newsletter from Wednesday on Boston Real Estate

Century 21 Realtor Michael Mahoney Reviews the Boston Market

Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice AKA “Agents Getting it Done”

Mary Jane Lightbody is working through inspections  at 198 Kendall Street. 418 Washington in Walpole is underway and she just closed on Beechwood in Walpole.  All of these have come on the market, been marketed and put under agreement all the during the pandemic

Ed Keefe has been a busy Century 21 real estate agent this week. Ed has completed his home inspections 165 Whippoorwill Circle.  He also is about to list a big one in Wrentham. The property he is working on is over 900k. Pictures are being done by Heather Barr Photography soon. Ed also put a nice condo under agreement in Easton on Lenox. – Check it out.

Katy Landolfi is working through her inspections and p and s on 274 Pleasant in Norwood. Nice work Katy.

Marilyn House has a condo listing coming in Norwood and another unit at Swan Pond


Bullet #2 Re-Opening for Your Real Estate Business

I felt this was important enough to share again…Deb has forms and materials up front if you need it.

I am part of 25 member business group locally called The Business Alliance Network Group.  On Wednesday,  one of our great members  Cindy Cushman from HR2Fit (human resources) gave a presentation on the state reopening guidelines. She pointed me to the Mass.gov site for some materials.

What’s Ahead…

As the state re-opens through the four phase process in the coming weeks, it is important that as you are well informed and working in a manner safe for you, as well as your real estate clients.

I have included several informational pieces for your review.

Some of these links and signs may be helpful for communicating expectations in your everyday business interactions as Century 21 agents.

You are encouraged to continue to operate your business from home if that is more suited to your comfort level. We are navigating this “new normal” together!

If you do come in to the office, you will notice new signage posted, as well as some cleaning supplies and protective gear provided. Please be considerate to fellow office staff, it is appreciated!  You should be wearing your masks if you do come in.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

As independent agents (business owners), I would say that your open houses could be considered your “place of business”. You should post signage and adhere to state regulations.

The National Association of Realtors has produced “Coronavirus: A Guide for REALTORS®” I would review these guidelines.

Berkshire Hathaway had a very good Covid handout as well. I put a link to it here

Below is an example of our Covid-19 Door Notice.
Janet Robinson asked about this on our ZOOM meeting yesterday

Covid 19 Notice in Century 21 Colors
Covid 19 Notice

Download the PDF version of the Covid 19 Door Notice below

Covid 19 Door Notice Century 21 Colors

You should adhere to the regulations and checklists provided by the State of Massachusetts Re-Opening Website.

Massachusetts Rules to Keep You Safe at Work

Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office

Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office Covid 19 Notice for the Century 21 office

Bullet #3 Webinar on Open Houses and Covid Marketing Ideas

Alvin Mullin and Mary Jane Lightbody have did an excellent job presenting their marketing of properties and managing open houses together over the last couple of months or so.

Alvin Mullin and Mary Jane – Thank you!

Here is the replay of the ZOOM webinar.

Century 21 Boston Agents Hosting a Zoom Call

Topics from the webinar were:

  • Sign in procedures (contactless)
  • Marketing Techniques (floorplans, video walk throughs,  Matterport style tours)
  • Signage @ entry ways…
  • Flyers – How these are being handled
  • Sanitation
  • Methods of follow up etc…
  • What is the consumer behavior at open houses

Bullet #4 Do You Lead Buyers?

As an 18 year veteran Boston real estate agent, I know that it helps buyers who successfully purchase their “dream home” by having an effective system for locating and closing on the right property.

As part of the process, I have developed a system for identifying all the “nice to haves” versus the “have to haves” when locating the right property for a buyer.  It’s through this process that we are able to streamline the process and effectively save time with the buying process.

By sitting with my clients whether in a conference room at the office, Starbucks  or Dunkin Donuts and discussing their search using my questionnaire, we are able to successfully develop a strategy to locate their dream home. Here is my sample questionnaire. Do you want one like it? Text me @ 617-615-9435

Michael Mahoney uses a Home Buye Questionnaire
Home Buyer Questionnaire by Realtor Michael Mahoney

Bullet #5 Facebook Business Page?

Do you like the Century 21 American Property page on Facebook? You should. Like it Now

Do you have a Facebook Business Page?  You should…here is mine

Like Century 21 American Properties in Walpole on Facebook


P.S. We are always “Looking for Good People” – who do you know?

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