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Michael Mahoney, a manager and agent with Century 21 American Properties covering Boston produces the 5 Bullet Friday e-mail every Friday which is a  newsletter focusing on tools and strategies for our Century 21 agents who list and sell properties in Boston. In addition to the 5 Bullet Friday, Mike produces a weekly e-mail on Monday called “TGIM: Thank Goodness It’s Monday” If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, we are always “Looking for Good People

Those who will not take a chance seldom have one thrust upon them.

Success always involves risk. You must take a chance by investing your time, money, and effort. It pays to be thoughtful and deliberate in your analyses of opportunities, but don’t let timidity hold you back. Because you have worked hard to develop those things you must risk, it is natural for you to place a high value on them. But what good are they if you do not put them to use? You will recognize opportunity only to the extent that you are willing to consider risking your time, money, and effort. Being confident gives you the courage to face risk and act when opportunity arises. No one on earth is going to force success upon you; you will find it only to the degree that you actively seek it out.

Napoleon Hill

So Here’s a Question…How are you? I am asking Because I Really Don’t Know…
You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t send flowers.  What’s up with that? Shall we send out the dogs or check the Irish sport pages?

I don’t want to lay awake at night worrying about people who are not laying awake at night. -Chris Doyle – The Group


If you have not done a deal this year…why not? Did you attend Elevate yesterday? Forget that, let me make it simpler for you. Did you make an appointment this week? One appointmnent, that’s it. No pressure….

If you have not done a deal this year, the upside is your tax return will be easy to fill out.    If you want to complicate your tax return, let’s do some deals.



#1 Some Happenings Locally at Century 21

We saw some new listings roll in at Century 21 this week from Marilyn House, Katy Landolfi and Edward Keefe, and Michael Mahoney.

Katy Landolfi is putting on 85 Albert Street in Brockton.  Edward Keefe is putting on 182 S Main Street in Attleboro. Marilyn House is putting a new condo listing at 785 Washington Street on the market in Norwood.

I put on 234 Fairview in Brockton and 700 Justin Drive in Weymouth.

Last weekend I put a condo deal together in Devon Woods in Braintree and the 700 Justin Drive in Weymouth is contingent too.

Theresa Heinz signed a p and s on  310 Atherton Road in Foxboro and 380 King James in Taunton.

Lisa Demaio finalized  a p and s on 30 Regent in Wrentham.


#2. Did you make an Appointment this Week

Simple math here…average house sells for 400k. Average commission on that is about what 8k when it’s said an done. One appointment = 8k. That’s nice. I cannot make the appointment for you. The thing you look @ Facebook and Instagram on all day has dial tone. You press in 10 digits and it makes calls and sends texts.

Sometimes when you ask, you get.

Who can you make an appointment with? Today? Now?

If I am beginning to sound like a broken record…evidently your will power to resist selling something is trying to test me.

Remember…The American Dream is FREE – The Hustle is Sold Seperately.

Here’s the deal…if you are committed and not to the nut house…fill out the weekly business plan, scan and send it to me and Deb by Monday morning. We will make sure you stay accountable to your dream.

Just to Rehash – Here is My Post from Last week…I like the topic evidently.

How many appointments did you make this week? That’s all that matters in the real estate sales business.  The winner is always the agent who has the most appointments, not the one with the biggest balloons at the open house.  If you did not have appointment this week or last, you may want give yourself a gut check and ask yourself what are you doing.  Sales is about converations, appointments and closings.

Those who make appointments, make commission checks. Simple formula.

Prospecting + Appointment = Cash $.

Broke agents like this formula…

Big Balloons + Awesome Cookies = Get a new job that does not have sales in the title or see if you can be the hospitality director on The Love Boat with Julie McCoy

There is common thread in the chart below….

Current Closings Century 21 American Properties Walpole

These all started with an appointment.


#3 The Last 7 Days in Greater Boston – Pendings Beating New Listings All Day Long

The numbers are astounding me each week.  For all of the active inventory on the market, there is almost 97% of the same amount under agreement. If you have a house with issues or don’t want do the detailing and retailing upgrades to get your home “parade ready” now would be the time to see about crossing that bridge.

The closed sales numbers are still low, this is due to  the fact that the quarantine was in full swing 60 days ago and the sales cycle for real estate is about 60 – 90 days.

With inventory low, and mortgage rates low the market is hotter than Georgia asphalt in July.  Want to know how much cash is tied up in  your place? Check out www.YourEquityFinder.com

Boston Real Estate Stats by Realtor Michael Mahoney Century 21 Agent Boston


Bullet #3 The Last 6 Weeks in Greater Boston

Things are booming booming booming…see the chart below. The pendings just keep growing.

On average, there were about three offers on a home that closed in May, up from just about two in April 2020 and in May 2019 (2.3 offers). NAR Research

This week I put a home on the market in Weymouth @ 700 Justin Drive. It’s under agreement in 2 days. Homes that are made parade ready, styled, detailed and priced correctly don’t stand a chance.

If you are working with buyers in this market, you need to educate them on the stats and market conditions. They will get beat out on every deal if they are not playing the game the right way.

At the National Level

Housing market conditions improved in May, according to REALTORS® who responded to NAR’s May 2020 Realtors® Confidence Index (RCI) Survey, a survey of REALTORS® about their monthly transactions. Transaction indicators pertaining to buyer offers, client tours, and listings all picked up in May.

On average, there were about three offers on a home that closed in May, up from just about two in April 2020 and in May 2019 (2.3 offers). See the full article on the National Association of Realtors web site

#4 – The 6Ps: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performances

Are you preparing for your listing and buyer appointments.

I have a checklist that I personally use for each of these situations that is tailored to me…

Do you have a presentation ready to go right now for either of those situations? If not you are an amateur. You need to be at the ready for either of these instances at a moment’s notice. You never know when the “put me in coach” situation is going to arise. If you don’t…you really could start with the Century 21 Toolkit CMA – the system offers a buyer packet and seller’s packet.  This would be a good baseline.  Edward Keefe uses Toolkit religiously…Mary Jane Lightbody…Lisa Demaio uses Toolkit consistently…guess what they are always closing. Learn the tools and lessen the drama.

If you like winging it, I can say you are only going to create drama for yourself. If you like drama, you should go to Broadway. They like drama there…

If you don’t like drama, I would check out this Youtube video on the Sweet 16 Listing Appointment Methods taught by Larry Kendall.

Century 21 has classes on buyer and seller presentation and systems.Century 21 has the solution @ Century 21 University.

Bullet #5 – Birthdays at Bird? What?

We were not able to do a quarterly birthday celebration in the last couple of months. Thinking about having a “Birthdays at Bird” get together at Bird Park. We could all responsibly have a “meeting” at Bird Park or on Walpole common to celebrate the birthdays we missed.  (Megan Handwerk, Joe Consoli, Ed Keefe, Joanne Dipietro, Marilyn House).   It would be nice to see everyone. Thoughts?


If you read this far, like the idea then send an e-mail to “allagents” – you will be entered in my little drawing for a $20.00 Starbucks card…if you did not read this far you ought to try reading the 5 Bullet Friday with your coffee on Friday morning or even better – check out Broadway. There are too many agents in the business as it is.



Search for Your Dream

  1. 3 beds, 2 full baths
    Home size: 1,466 sq ft
    Lot size: 2,640 sqft
    Year built: 1890
    Days on market: 1
    Walk Score®: 79
    Listed with Coldwell Banker Realty - Easton
  2. 1 bed, 1 full bath
    Home size: 865 sq ft
    Year built: 1910
    Parking spots: 1
    Days on market: 1
    Walk Score®: 89
    Listed with Boston Residential
  3. 6 beds, 2 full baths
    Home size: 2,568 sq ft
    Lot size: 2,412 sqft
    Year built: 1900
    Days on market: 1
    Walk Score®: 77
    Listed with Keller Williams Elite
  4. 2 beds, 2 full baths
    Home size: 900 sq ft
    Lot size: 3,300 sqft
    Year built: 2020
    Parking spots: 1
    Days on market: 1
    Walk Score®: 95
    Listed with Boston Harbor Real Estate
  5. 2 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 1,456 sq ft
    Lot size: 3,300 sqft
    Year built: 2020
    Parking spots: 2
    Days on market: 1
    Walk Score®: 95
    Listed with Boston Harbor Real Estate

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(all data current as of 11/30/2020)

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